Widget how to install – And how many?


The widgets that can be inserted are not infinite, because the home, although usually composed of 5 pages, at a certain point cannot contain more. So how many can we install? It depends.

Each home page, in fact, allows you to insert widgets for a total of 16 blocks: this means that if a widget occupies only one, then up to 16 can be inserted. Many applications, however, are larger, some not they also occupy all 16 and, therefore, it is necessary to “study” those that are most useful and the right disposition.

Find the best Android widgets for you and install them.

Adding a widget is very simple and can be done using the touch screen: just select directly from the main menu of the operating system, hold down and drag it (always with your finger!) To the preferred point. In some models it is possible to select it by holding down any point on the screen for a long time and then proceed with dragging.

A widget can be moved, to optimize the space of the screen, by holding it down for a long time and then, without removing your finger, drag it to the desired place. If you want to delete it, instead, follow the same operation by moving it to the trash can icon that will appear after you have pressed for a long time on the application.

And now the slightly painful notes: widgets slow down the system, therefore, it is good not to abuse them. Look at all those installed and ask yourself which ones are the least useful or which you use the least: delete them!

What are WordPress widgets

What are WordPress widgets Widgets are elements that provide additional functionality to a web page, usually present within the sidebar and footer.Examples of widgets are the list of categories or tags, a form to search the site, the list of recently published articles.

  • What are WordPress widgets?
  • What are the best widgets?
  • How to install and activate widgets

But there are also many others that depend on the plugins or theme you use.Let’s see in more detail to understand what widgets are, and what their task is.I guess you have already understood that their role is very important in the general structure of a site built with WordPress.

I’m talking about widgets in a lesson entirely dedicated to them in my WordPress video course.Come and discover all our courses, where you will find useful lessons, constantly updated, and interesting insights.

How to insert a widget in WordPress

A widget is defined as an element (generally graphic and dynamic) very similar to a plugin, which adds visual and interactive options and features to the visitor’s experience on a site. This is a very similar resource to a plugin, as they both add functionality flexibly to a site.

  • How to insert a widget in WordPressThe difference lies in the fact that the latter generally works in “small”, or in limited areas such as the sidebar and the footer.
  • However, there are themes, such as Enfold, which add other possible areas to the layout where widgets can be inserted.


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